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OPENING: 2 playgrounds and a rich menu, at Limassol's new, special opening!

It is one of those opening that seem to have had been anticipated for long. Within just a few days from the day ita first opened its doors, this new place has already become a favorite spot for people of all ages, every hour of the day. With spacious areas, 2 playgrounds and a tempting menu, it is no wonder why.

M Café Restaurant has made its appearance at Ypsonas central road, adding a new, interesting option for dining, coffee, drinks and games, at the western neighborhoods of Limassol. The cozy tables in its modern venue, are great for tasty meals, choosing from a rich menu with favorite dishes, from steaks to salmon.

Providing for families with little or older children, M Café Restaurant has created 2 playgrounds, one in a closed area and another outside, offering a wide range of activities for the younger guests. Entertainment options are also provided for adults, too, with a room suitable for pool tables and an area for darts. The large TV screens, both in the inside and outside areas, make this place a destination for sports fans, whenever a game broadcasts on TV.

Address: 7, Agios Georgios Street, Ypsonas
Contact number: 25 550 050

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