OPENING: 2 Limassolianas brought The Body Shop back in the city!

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A particularly popular worldwide cosmetics brand, The Body Shop, returns to Cyprus f 5 years after its last shop closed in 2013, making a new beginning in Limassol, This new kick-start is the initiative of 2 young businessmen from Limassol, who recognized the right time to bring The Body Shop back to the city.

The first shop of the well-known franchise has opened since a few weeks now at the commercial Aneksartisias street, to enrich even more the options of those strolling around and shopping in the city center. The corner shop, with the distinct design (wooden and metal elements and the famous green color that refers to the large variety of eco-friendly products), showcases a large part of the brand’s range, both for men and women. 

The Body Shop products have become known for being cruelty free, since the company is set against cosmetics testings on animals and against using chemicals, while it also has a series of products for vegetarians and vegans available, too. The owners in Limassol do seem to be excited about managing not just another cosmetics’ store, but a brand with a cause, too, for which they wish to raise awareness and encourage volunteerism.

Until 2019, the Limsssol-based company has a goal to open The Body Shop stores in all of the cities on the island.

Address: 88, Aneksartisias Street
Contact number: 25 343 590