OPENING: 2 Italians have opened in Limassol an authentic, Italian trattoria!

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In one of the most central spots in the city, near Agios Nikolaos roundabout, 2 Italians have created a tasty corner with 100% traditional flavours from Milan, Florence, Rome and other areas of their country. With homemade pasta and amazing flavour combinations, they help you travel with your imagination towards Italy.

You will find several kinds of pasta in the menu, from tagliatelle to ravioli, accompanied by a large variety of authentic, Italian sauces. Each week, you get to experience different flavours, since the menu pasta is enriched with traditional, typical recipes from all over Italy.

A large range of pies, topped or filled with tasty ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine, consist the ultimate option for a quick meal, not too shabby, nor too fancy, ideal for a break from work, or when you go shopping, or even when you want to grab something to eat on the run. This is what Mammalena, the well-known Italian franchise that has now come to Limassol, is all about, after all. Piadizza is an alternative, light kind of pizza, which you can enjoy in numerous flavours, while there is also a folded version, with just as many variations. Cassone is the stuffed version of the pie, which keeps several tasty surprises inside.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to have some aromatic, Italian coffee. After all, the sweet version of an espresso over an ice cream ball, the famous affogato, is rather hard to ignore.

The restaurant is open every day, for dine-in or take away, except for Sundays.

Address: 5, Chrysanthou Mylona Street
Contact number: 25 368 837