OPENING: 2 brothers in Limassol make amazing wooden creations!

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Pieces of trunks, reused wood, as well as pieces of new, soled wood of various kinds are transformed daily in original creations for the house, thanks to the creativity and imagination of 2 brothers in Limassol.

Their shop at Agiou Andreou street, at the Limassol city center, is a place that you cannot stop looking. Modern lines and industrial design are unexpectedly combined with the traditional and warm sense of the wood in a perfect match. From decorations to indoor and outdoor furniture, every creation by JMK Viewtions is a unique option for those who pay attention to the design of their space. 

Christmas trees and season ornaments are a special part of the production of the 2 Limassol designers, since they create original creations that offer a different sense in the spirit of theses festive time of the season. Designing each one of their items themselves, form the larger ones to the smallest, the 2 brothers can adjust shapes, colors and sizes to different preferences, either it may be for a large dining table with concrete top or just for a lighting device or stool made of trunks.

The official opening of the store with Christmas coming up is a great opportunity for shopping in discount prices

Find more details about the shop’s official opening here.

Address: 302 A, Agiou Andreou street
Contact numbers: 25 211 021 / 97 745 671

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