Oinoessa Traditional Boutique Guest Houses

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Oinoessa Guest Houses comprise a complex of 2 luxurious stone-built houses, consisting of 6 deluxe studio apartments surrounding a private courtyard. They are located in the picturesque village of Lofou, providing the kind of peace and tranquility that the traditional Cypriot way of life offers.

The houses that form Oinoessa were built in the middle of 18th century by the grandfathers of the present owners, and have been lovingly restored by the family and local artisans, ensuring that they retain all of the original features, combining traditional architecture with the requirements of a modern guest house. The stone floors, the original walls, the ceilings and the traditional staircases have been completely and lovingly restored to their original state using local stone and wood, retaining the character and charm of the original buildings.

Each of the 6 studio apartments have been elegantly and stylishly decorated, and designed to provide all of the modern amenities and conveniences needed to accommodate couples, families or groups. The Oinoessa studios offer style and comfort, featuring fireplaces in the living rooms of 5 out of the 6 units, Jacuzzi in 2 units (Arhontiko and Anoyio) and comfortable seating for up to 4 – 8 guests. Large patio doors open from the living rooms, leading out into an attractive tree lined courtyard offering a shady spot to relax and dine. Guests also enjoy full Internet WiFi access, air-conditioning and LED TVs.

The houses are situated in the heart of Lofou village, a beautiful area with traditional stone architecture that is typical of Cyprus. The scenic views and the narrow, stone-built pedestrian paths that wind through the village allow for pleasant walks that will bring you closer to the genuine character of the houses. Since Lofou has become famous for its winemaking traditions, the guest house is called Oinoessa (a Greek adjective that refers to the area’s relation with wine culture).


Lofou is set about 26 kilometers north-west of the city of Limassol and about 20 kilometers from the mountain of Troodos, the highest point on Cyprus.

Address: Lofou
Contact number: 99 373 371
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