16 nightlife venues for the winter in Limassol!

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Now that we've officially entered the winter season, Limassol is turning a new page in its nightlife scene, focusing on indoor spaces.

As it is constantly on the move, a city that maintains its cosmopolitan character, could not stop having fun in the winter either.

Designed to satisfy every taste and preference, these spaces each maintain their own distinct character.

1. 7 Seas

Deriving its unique cosmopolitan energy from the city center, 7 Seas of Columbia Plaza, offers a cozy and stylish venue for exceptional entertainment.

Address: Columbia Plaza, Ayiou Andreou 223
Contact number: 25 321777

2. Story Venue

Nights out at Story take the fun to a whole new level, creating the most incredible stories. The warm and welcoming atmosphere will certainly win you over, along with the talented DJs and the special energy of old Limassol town and Saripoulou Square, where it's located.

Address: Kanari 16
Contact number: 99 399769

3. Retro Club Metropole

For years,It's brought decades of entertainment back to life, recreating the vibe of the 70s, 80s and 90s right in the heart of old Limassol. The modern décor featuring pop elements, as well as the impressive dance floor in the middle, bringing to mind the old disco dance floors, create an irresistibly retro atmosphere.

Address: Ifigenias 6
Contact number: 97 755554

4. Bordello Bar Limassol

A sense of luxury inspired from the elegance of other eras, compose the setting at Bordello Bar. This special venue adds touches of entertainment from the 20s and 30s to the city's nightlife.

Address: Archbishop Kyprianos 6
Contact number: 99 341341

5. Notes Live Clubbing

This nightlife venue has enjoyed a presence of more than 20 years in the city. It offers impressive evenings of live music and an exceptional ensemble from Friday to Sunday, and has been established as one of the best music halls Limassol has to offer.

Address: Eleftherias 5
Contact number: 25 344344

6. Tipsy Donkey Drinkery

A beautiful bar with a uniquely welcoming and warm atmosphere, is yet another lovely choice for night entertainment, offering various options in wine, whiskey and signature cocktails, under the sounds of funky and house music.

Address: Eleftherias 129
Contact number: 99 444544

7. Face Club

Face Club is a unique club concept, with Greek and foreign mainstream music in an impressive atmosphere, delicious cocktails and drinks, as well as unique 3D effects.
Address: Agkyras 18
Contact number: 70 005868

8. Lithos Concept Bar

A space with a wonderful living room, impressive chandeliers and corners designed to have fun and enjoy a drink, in a warm and cozy environment.

Address: Vasilissis Karlotta 4, Castle Square
Contact number: 25 762761

9. Kiklos Mousiki

It boasts a music program featuring a vast selection of songs from the Greek music scene, with ballads, urban folk, pop and rock songs, thus epitomizing its motto that 'Everyone fits inside this circle', a maxim by which the musicians perform every night as they fill the stage with their energy.

Address: Andrea Drousioti 17, Heroes Square
Contact number: 25 107230

10. Mason Bar

A destination with a laid-back mood in the center of the city, welcomes those seeking for a beautiful hangout, delicious cocktails and interesting music choices, hosting well-known DJs from Cyprus and abroad.

Address: Zik - Zak 10
Contact number: 99 211280

11. Sto Perama

As a timeless classic in the city's music scene, it's nightlife destination that offers a selection of live Greek rock and alternative music. For years, the venue has kept its audience captivated with the same special vibes and warmth, and the addition of new creative flourishes every so often.

Address: Zik - Zak 12
Contact number: 25 373763

12. Ravens Music Hall

Maintaining its authentic character of distinct rock elements, it is a usual nightlife option for the lovers of this particular musical genre. Warm and welcoming, it hosts beloved bands and artists are sure to get the party started every time.

Address: Saripolou & Socratous Corner 4
Contact number: 99 614100

13. Columbia Beach

Columbia Beach is in a prime location a few steps from the sea and is among the most popular entertainment options in the city all year round. It has a beautiful bar with neat decor, as it often organizes themed nights with DJs.

Address: Promahon Eleftherias 6
Contact number: 25 321500

14. Vip Room Gold

VIP Room Gold, is designed to offer luxurious entertainment services and is especially known for its exclusive premium and deluxe drinks, served in a unique way.

Address: Georgiou A' 98
Contact number: 99 511777

15. Rumours Bar

A cozy and modern bar in the heart of the tourist area which often hosts DJs, gives its visitors the opportunity to enjoy uplifting music nights that surely satisfy all tastes.

Address: Georgiou A' 89, Germasogeia
Contact number: 99 457541

 16. Marina Breeze

Marina Breeze is a highly impressive lounge bar above the sea of ​Limassol Marina, as it offers beautiful moments of entertainment with adored tunes of the international music scene, during Friday and Saturday nights.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051230