Ntaraveri Meze House: A hangout for fans of meze from Cyprus to… Spain!

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In the streets of Fasoula village, approximately 10 minutes from Limassol, a new, tasteful tavern has opened its doors, offering meze dishes from traditional Cypriot cuisine as well as from other corners of the Mediterranean.

Within this warm and relaxing atmosphere, Ntaraveri Meze House offers its guests a wide range of meze dishes that are cooked, fried, or grilled, as well as fasting options for anyone on a special diet. Its variety of dishes ranges from classic Cypriot flavors to explosive Spanish tapas.

The artistic touches of the décor make this space stand out immediately. The selection of its wine cellar is as wide ranging as its menu, while on festive evenings and Sunday afternoons, meals are often accompanied by live music.

Address: 1 Vaniou Spania, Fasoula
Contact number: 99 196651