Museum of Elementary Education History (Vasa Kilaniou)

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The Museum of Elementary Education History is one of the most modern and remarkable museums, and the only one of its kind in Cyprus.The Museum has been operating since 2010, in the former all-boys school of Vasa, which became a mixed school in 1935 and remained in operation until 1986.

The space has been configured into 2 rooms, where the history of the school as well as the community itself is showcased using digital media and interactive tools. Visitors can peruse a wide range of exhibits, from photos to books and manuscripts, following the evolution of education from the time of the Ottoman Empire to the British Colonization. 

This walk through history will acquaint the visitor with 5 great personas from the field of education and culture who are directly associated with Vasa village: Stylianos Chourmouzios, Charalambos Papadopoulos, Eleni Zachariadou, Andreas Nicolaides and Demetres Lipertis.

The area where the Museum is located is thought to have once housed an ancient temple of Apollo. 

Contact number: 25 942634