Carob Mill Museum

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In the heart of the historic center of Limassol, west of the Medieval Castle and just a few meters from the Old Port, one will encounter a complex of warehouses once used to store carobs. Today, these warehouses house the Lanitis Carob Mill.

The stone-built warehouses, a characteristic sample of the warehouses that were uses for the trady industry in the city’s harbor, have been restored in their original form. Apart from the Museum, the space of each warehouse houses event and dining venues, too.

The Museum room displays all the tools and machinery once used for this commercial activity. From the sorting funnels to the scales and the needles used to sew the sacks, visitors can peruse the entire process once used to prepare this precious cargo, from start to finish. 

The carob trade was the living of the people in a large part of the Limassol countryside and villages such as Anoyira and Ipsonas were 2 of the main carob producing areas. The produce was referred to as “black gold”, because of the great value of carobs.

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