Moni Fishing Shelter

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Far from the urban environment of city, this little fishing port towards the eastern part of the Limassol countryside has remained untouched in its simplicity. 

Within this tranquil environment, the Moni fishing shelter boasts its own unique charm. The serenity of its landscape is seldom disturbed, as its only regular visitors are the fishermen who come and go with their rods or their boats. 

Its image, of course, changes significantly from season to season. Foaming waves crash on the rocks of the little port in the winter, while in the summer, the azure water appears tranquil and seemingly endless. 

A distinct characteristic of the area is an old, wooden ship that looks as though it was left behind by the Argonauts or Odysseus's companions. Alone in the wilderness, this wooden boat gives off an almost mythological aura, appearing as if from a completely different era.