Moni Fishing Shelter

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Away from modern buildings, impressive hotels and endless, sandy beaches in Limassol, this little fishing shelter on the eastern side of the district, creates its own unique images. It is a place with its own kind of beauty, in the solitude of the landscape, which changes unexpectedly during the summer months, with young people finding a refuge there.

With images changing significantly between seasons (the sea is all stormy, with waves clashing against the dock in the winter, while the summer sea is all calm and bright) a few fishermen are the regular visitors at Moni fishing shelter.  But, what makes this spot stand out is the old, wooden boat, which looks like as if it was left behind by the Argonauts or the comrades of Ulysses. In this lonesome scenery, the wooden boat seems to be part of time gone by, with mythological references.

The uniqueness of this place is augmented during the summertime, when young and vibrant people are attracted there, for some of the most beautiful moonlit and starlit nights of the year. The peculiar landscape at Moni fishing shelter seems to inspire those who looks for their own… Ithaca in an alternative entertainment option. Thus, the secluded fishing shelter presents, accordingly to the season, completely different images, to suit the circumstances and its visitors each time.