Monastery of Holy Cross (Anoyira)

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The ancient monastery of the Holy Cross in Anoyira, despite showing the distinct markings of time, has always inspired wonder and awe in its visitors. 

On the way towards Anoyira village, among the carob trees, almond trees and vineyards, you will see the ruins of the Monastery of the Holy Cross to the right of the road, located in the area of an early Byzantine settlement, known as the "land of the Anoyirans."

The church is built on the foundations of a paleochristian basilica and dates back to the 14th century. The temple that is still in operation today has a single room, with arches on the roof and a high dome. The interior is painted with murals, which, though mostly faded, are still excellent artefacts of their era. The addition of auxiliary buildings around the church came much later, in order to accommodate the monks who made their home there.

Legend has it that in the area of the monastery there is an underground tunnel, where the monks — who were said to have been living in luxury — hid their treasures.

According to some sources, one of the crosses of the monastery was transferred to the monasery in Omodos for safekeeping during some particularly difficult times, under the orders of the Bishop of Paphos.

A festival takes place on August 1st each year in the monastery courtyard.