Wine Month 2016... 5 dates with wine in Limassol that cannot be missed!

Bottles open and the new wine of the year fills the glasses. November is Wine Month and there are plenty of opportunities for one to taste excellent varieties of  Cyprus wines and more.

For the third consecutive year the CTO gives the public the opportunity to get acquainted with the wine tradition of Cyprus through trips to Limassol wine villages on November 13th. Through these tours in the Cypriot countryside one can enjoy the unique delights of Cypriot cuisine in traditional taverns and restaurants.

At the peak of Wine Month the event “The taste of wine” will be held on Sunday, November 27th, in collaboration with the Oenophiles Club in Cyprus and Cyprus Wineries. The event will take place at Evagoras Lanitis Centre in Limassol from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. and besides tasting multitude Cypriot wines it will also include seminars on how to serve wine properly.

During this period, various wine tasting evenings, following the French custom of celebrations for Beaujolais Nouveau, are being organized by Limassol's restaurants on November 17th, promising some tasty and... intoxicating surprises for wine lovers.

See below the events and visit the links to find out any information in detail from the All About Limassol agenda.

November 13th
Wine tasting in 6 wineries in Limassol
Pithoigia in Koilani

November 17th
Beaujolais Nouveau arrives in Ammochostos Nautical Club
Beaujolais Νouveau festival in Le Frenchie

November 27th
The taste of wine at Evagoras Lanitis Center

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