Mason Bar: A former wood workshop, added a special touch in Limassol's life!

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Since the end of 2016, an old wood workshop – maybe the last of the old shops in the area – was about to become an alternative option for going out in the heart of the Limassol old town. The stone-built building with the patio and an entrance on the cobbled alley, this bar created a musical corner that easily turned out to be a favourite for many.

Mason Bat, surrounded by the monuments of a centuries-long history, is an easy-going destination in a familiar atmosphere, that welcomes those looking for a beautiful spot for tasty cocktails and interesting music options. It regularly hosts music events with Djs from Cyprus and abroad, while both its patio and indoors area are perfect for setting up live shows, ranging from pop and rock to latin and reggae.

Even if one does not prefer the loud vibes of the late night hours at the bar, the late afternoon hours are great for drinks, from a wide range of special cocktails. After all, both the tables on the cobbled alley of Zig – Zag and the evergreen patio, are perfect for such an option, once the weather allows it.

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