Caffe Marceletti: A modern hangout where you can enjoy coffee with views of Kouris Valley!

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Approximately halfway along the route from Limassol to Troodos, you will find Trimiklini village, in a location with lush greenery, which has been a stopover station for those travelling in this area for many years. A new, modern space, ideal for a relaxing stop in Trimiklini opened its doors in the summer of 2019.

Caffe Marceletti, a well-known Italian coffee brand, has opened its first store in Cyprus, choosing this countryside location with its breathtaking views to Kouris River valley. The café is situated right next to the traditional JR Restaurant, which has been a beloved destination for dining in Limassol’s mountains for decades.

Surrounded by greenery, with spacious terraces on all sides, the café area is ideal for relaxation while gazing at the amazing view, to recharge with some coffee or to enjoy a tasty snack (from homemade apple pies, to sandwiches, waffles and crepes). Its only disadvantage may be the fact that, if you choose this place for a quick stop, you will probably be tempted to stay longer, forgetting your original destination.

Contact number: 25 432212