Magazaki: A welcoming hangout that overflows with the secrets and treasures of the countryside!

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From 1974 to this day, it was one of the central taverns in the evergreen community of Platres. The characteristic building, with its curved side, the redbrick wall, green shutters and tiled roof, has made a fresh start in 2019 as a space that honors the traditions of the area.

‘To Magazaki,’ as the former ‘Pegasus’ tavern is now called, is a hangout that offers a beautiful view of the center of the village, from a balcony decorated with wood elements, flowering pots, and colors which reflect the natural surroundings. Within this setting, visitors can select from a variety of coffees and tea flavors, refreshing beers, as well as dishes of the day (select traditional recipes, home cooked with care are available daily).

Besides being a dining venue, ‘Magazaki’ also sells organic, traditional products that are produced in the nearby villages. Therapeutic herbs, different types of floral water, essential oils, honey, carob syrup, olive oil and natural cosmetics made with traditional recipes are available on the shelves within a room that appears to take you on a tour through life from decades past.

The homemade lavender, made by Ms. Nicky, which is packed on the spot is one of the products that is highly valued by the women of Platres as a cleanser, antiseptic and cosmetic, and it is worth trying.