Loutron Street: Limassol's most ancient street!

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Deep in the heart of the old town, every street corner is a living piece of Limassol history, each with its own story to tell. Such is the case with Loutron Street, a destination that is home to a number of buildings that have been a part of Limassol’s journey since the very start of its existence.  

Loutron Street, a narrow, pedestrian road paved with stone, is Limassol’s oldest street. A stroll through it is like taking a step back in time, as you will encounter stone-built buildings, reminiscent of days past, featuring intricately carved, arched doorways and heavy wooden doors fitted with wrought iron locks. Many of these buildings are now considered ancient monuments, forming an architectural museum of sorts for visitors to peruse at their leisure.

Also located on this ancient street is the Old Ottoman Baths. These were built in the 16th century, replacing a previously building dating back to Venetian rule. Archaeologists believe, however, that the foundations of the original building are still buried somewhere under the existing building. The Baths are particularly impressive due to their domed roofs which feature small openings sealed with glass, which were used to let light into the rooms below.  

There were many public Baths operating in Limassol at the time, a practice dating back to the Roman ages, which locals would visit once a week as not all homes had baths of their own, or even running water.

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