Limassol Molos

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Refreshments / Cafés

The Molos of Limassol is one of the city’s most characteristic spots, as well as one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Cyprus. Apart from being a destination for relaxing strolls, it also serves as an atypical beach, as it is suitable for many activities in the sea.  

The large piers of the coastal park are to this day used as ‘diving boards’ into the blue waters of Limassol. This is a custom that has been particularly popular since the middle of the 20th century and gained popularity after the creation of the complex, with the formation of various piers along the entire length of the park.

The combination of swimming in the sea with exercising on the walkway is, of course, ideal. And while the park is suitable for exercising on land, the coastline is also popular for kayaking, SUP, and other watersports. Others choose to relax with the views of the sea, fishing with rods from the docks.

In any case, the Limassol Molos is an atypical, but beloved ‘beach’ for everyone.

Caffè Nero: 25 025604
Yellow Cafe: 25 342642
Red Cafe Pizza Romana: 99 888441