Limassol Marina: A jewel in the city's crown!

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One of Limassol’s most major developments, the Limassol Marina, is truly a landmark for the city. This superyacht marina, the first of its kind in Cyprus, is located in the southern part of the Limassol city center, and comprises more than 40,000 square meters of housing and commercial facilities, making it a most pleasant destination for experiencing life by the sea.

The fully integrated marina development boasts space for up to 650 yachts of up to 110 meters, including a service area, treatment facilities, a fuel station and waste disposal station. Residents of the Marina can select from a variety of apartments surrounded by the sea or luxury villas with their own private berth, all located a stone’s throw from a sandy beach, fitness center, and numerous dining, shopping and cultural facilities.  

A stroll through the Limassol Marina will reveal a plethora of activities visitors can engage in. The Marina itself is bordered by beautiful gardens and green spaces across varying levels that are joined by bridges and pedestrian pathways, making it a beautiful, calming spot for a relaxing stroll at all hours of the day. Visitors who are feeling peckish can choose from the many cafés and restaurants that dot the premises, including a number of international chains and local gourmet establishments, for enjoyable waterfront dining.

Visitors can also take advantage of the Limassol Marina’s spa and gym with outdoor pool that boasts endless sea views, or the Limassol Marina Beach, the artificial peninsula created at the Marina that is quiet and safe for all ages, and considered to be the cleanest along the city’s coastline. Along with the Marina’s cultural center and a host of annual events taking place in the Marina square, there is plenty to keep visitors entertained throughout the seasons.

Located just a 2 minute walk from the Limassol Marina is the recently refurbished Old Harbour, into which visitors can extend their waterside stroll.

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