Limassol’s Lighthouses...

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Only those who traveled or worked in the sea at night, can understand the importance of this "magic light" that all sailors see from afar as if someone blinks while telling them “land is here." The light flashes offer a feeling of companionship in the vastness of the night sea.

The brand new lighthouse of our city stands proudly at the edge of Limassol Marina while adding another pride at the city’s coast thus the older lighthouse at Cabe Gata goes back to the last quarter of the 19th century (but now it is located on a restricted area).

Limassol has every right to celebrate the International Lighthouse Day every August.  Every year on the third Sunday of August the International Lighthouse Day is celebrated since 2003. This dedicated day aims to highlight and honor the importance of lighthouses and all navigation aids.

* 4th photo Cabe Gata Lighthouse.

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