17 Limassol beach bars, to make your summer unforgettable!

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With an impressive seafront, Limassol could not but host some of the most beautiful and popular beach bars on the island.

Either you are up for beautiful, family moments playing with the kids, or you like loud music and crazy parties, either you look for unique taste experiences and refreshing cocktails, at least one of the beach bars below will definitely catch your eye.

Check out the list below and choose your own favorite destination.

1. Palm Beach – Granny’s Ford (Governor's Beach)

At Palm Beach bay one can relax on a sunbed or a gazebo, while the mobile beach bar Granny's Ford offers refreshing drinks, from morning until after midnight.

Address: Governor's Beach

2. Nammos Limassol (Pyrgos)

A wonderful space in front of Parklane hotel, a Luxury Collection Resorts & Spa, with luxurious sunbeds, a few steps from the sea. It's restaurant, is a unique, top culinary destination.

Address: Giannou Kranidioti 11, Pyrgos
Contact number: 97 788873

3. Malindi (Parekklisia)

Excellent food from international and Greek cuisine, snacks, refreshing drinks and a breathtaking view of the sea, is offered at the Malindi beach bar. With the restaurant serving its dishes just a few steps from the sea, this place is a favorite destination for any season.

Address: Amathountos 194 
Contact number: 25 379500

4. PlusSea (Agios Tychon)

In a relaxing environment, PlusSea offers refreshing cocktails and dishes for any hour of the day. With a comfortable lounge, dining area and wooden sunbeds on the beach, it covers all preferences.

Address: Amathountos 5
Contact number: 25 634995

5. Ama Beach (Agios Tychon)

Bright and spacious, with endless views of the sea, this venue exudes a relaxing vibe. Its menu offers dishes of the Mediterranean and international cuisine, refreshing drinks and cocktails, for moments of ultimate relaxation.

Address: Amathountos 87
Contact number: 25 581565

6. Sands Beach Club (Agios Tychon)

This beachfront hangout is part of the Atlantica Bay Hotel in Agios Tychonas, and is designed to offer a pleasant getaway next to the beach for all hours of the day.

Address: Agios Tychon, Limassol
Contact number: 25 634070

7. Puesta Oyster Bar & Grill (Agios Tychon)

Puesta Oyster Bar & Grill combines an amazing location with an excellent cuisine. The pedestrian street next to Puesta offers the option of a relaxing walk near the sea while the restaurant has some of the city's best choices for shellfish and seafood.

Address: Amathountos Avenue 42 (Beachside Pedestrian Pathway)
Contact number: 25 634995

8. Wanax Mediterranean Tapas (Agios Tychon)

With a lounge profile and a fitting music background, Wanax Beach Bar is a venue which is open for the public from morning until after midnight, with live music evenings, either latin or jazz.

Address: Poseidonia Hotel
Contact number: 25 321000

9. La Isla (Agios Tychon)

With summer vibes, an impressive swimming pool by the bar, dining area and sunbeds on the beach, La Isla is a popular destination for food and drinks throughout the day.

Address: Amathountos 17 Avenue
Contact number: 25 310310

10. Guaba (Mouttayaka)

As a top beach bar in the world, Guaba stands out for its exterior appearance, all dressed in colors, with cozy seats both in the beach bar and on the beach. Guaba turns into a spectacular club in the afternoon and evening hours, hosting well-known Djs from Cyprus and abroad.

Address: Amathountos 7 Avenue
Contact number: 96 340000

11. NOA (Agios Athanasios)

NOA (Famagusta Nautical Club) has been operating for many years on the coastal line of Limassol, offering good food and relaxation on one of the busiest beaches in the city.

Address: Promachon Eleftherias 3, Agios Athanasios
Contact number: 25 324056

12. Columbia Beach Bar (Agios Athanasios)

Columbia Beach Bar is an impressive destination for any hour, day or season. The luxurious group sandpits in the grass, the selected dishes, the tasty cocktails, the shisha with music by the pool make it stand out.

Address: Promahon Eleftherias 6, Ayios Athanasios
Contact number: 25 321500

13. Gazebo Mare (Limassol Marina)

The only beach bar at the Limassol Marina peninsula has created a cozy area with sunbeds on the grass, comfy gazebos on the sandy beach, as well as a modern and breezy area for dining and drinks. The pool by the bar is a special touch of the space.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051878

14. Nissos beach (Lady's Mile)

Nissos Beach Bar, offers chic sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as a dining area and operates from morning until night, offering refreshing drinks, as well as a full menu for meals or snacks.

Address: Lady’s mile Beach
Contact number: 99 949157

15. Aplostra (Lady's Mile)

In an exotic setting with tall palm trees, large loungers, cozy pillows, and wooden decoration, Aplostra is ideal for the whole day, from morning till night, for food and drink.

Address: Lady’s mile Beach
Contact number: 77 776999

16. Captain's Cabin (Lady's Mile)

In the renewed and impressive space of Captain's Cabin, you will find delicious food, special cocktails and refreshing drinks. The cozy sunbeds on the beach and the water park, make it a beloved choice for all hours of the day.

Address: Captain's Cabin Beach 3080
Contact number: 25 21165

17. Oceania (Lady's Mile)

With delicious food, magnificent views of the sea and the endless coast of Lady's mile beach, Oceania functions as a bar and a restaurant, offering beach lovers the absolute summer destination.

Address: Lady’s mile Beach
Contact number: 99 576588