'Laonistra' view point (Anoyira)

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΄At a mere height of 470 — 535 meters above sea level, this view point consists an ideal observatory for idyllic images towards the sunsets of Limassol. Laonistra is a rather unknown location west to the Limassol district, in one of its most beautiful and historical villages.


With a view to the gorge which Ha-potami crosses, as it is coming down through the Troodos slopes and the hills west to Limassol, Laonistra is a point with special natural views, which is even more distinct under the shades and light of the sunset. Through an area with bushes and mulberry trees, those who choose this location for a walk in this virgin landscape, will experience a unique, relaxing feeling.

Apart from the gorge, though, one also sees the huge wind mills of the wind power park, creating an unusual contrast with the natural landscape, while also seem somewhat fitting in this image. The trail of Laonista is an excellent option for a short trip, since it is merely 45 km away from Limassol and allows you an opportunity to explore the amazing sights of the historical Anoyira village.