Lady's Mile (Oceania)

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Just 15 minutes from the center of Limassol, on the eastern coast of the Akrotiri Peninsula, there is an organized beach that offers a variety of activities for any time of the day. From early in the morning until after midnight, Oceania Beach Bar offers options for relaxation, fun, food, and watersports along the beautiful Lady’s Mile coastline.

The spacious Beach Bar accommodates all guests, whether they are seeking a cool, quiet corner in which to relax, loud music accompanied by cocktails and a view of the sea, or dinner options in an air-conditioned space. Large, wooden deck chairs beneath cabanas are offered for large groups or families, and there is also the option to be seated near the bar. As for the Oceania restaurant, it boasts a menu that includes fresh fish and meat dishes, as well as healthy and vegetarian options.

The beach is particularly known for its interesting water-based activities, geared at both children and adults. The inflatable aqua toys installed at the site are a great source of fun and exercise for all ages. There is also a windsurfing and sailing school operating there, as well as options for other watersports, including canoeing, inner tubes, etc.

The beach offers parking spaces for people with mobility difficulties, as well as ramps all across the length of the beach, and wheelchair-accessible restrooms.