Lady's Mile (Oasis)

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Dirt Road
Sunbeds / Showers / Restrooms
Disabled Facilities
Τaverns / Restaurants

In a location where the natural landscape borders with the industrial sight of Limassol's port, there is a beach that for many years has been a familiar and beloved destination for the lovers of the sea.

At the easternmost end of Lady’s Mile beach, one possibly finds the most accessible beach of the area, for Limassol's locals. It is a quiet bay, with pebbles on the shore and sand on the seabed, and it is a popular destination for swimmers almost year round.

Oasis Restaurant operates there, offering swimmers additional amenities such as sunbeds and showers, making a day at the beach even more convenient and comfortable. The restaurant itself is a popular destination for lovers of fish and seafood, as it offers dishes made with fresh ingredients daily.

Therefore, the relaxation and tranquility offered by the sea, is combined with the ideal culinary delights.

Contact number: 99 955559