Lady's Mile (Columbia Sun)

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Natural Beauty
Sunbeds / Showers / Restrooms
Beach Bars

A long-awaited arrival in Limassol city is finally here, bearing the signature of Columbia Restaurants, right by the Lady's Mile beach.

Columbia Sun, has been created in such a way as to satisfy every taste and preference, since it has specially designed corners for families with children, as well as adults-only visits, ideal for friends and couples.

Chef Constantinos Mouzis promises his guests unique culinary experiences, emphasizing on Greek cuisine, while you can try special selections of fine wines, cocktails and refreshing beers at the bar.

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In case you are seeking for moments of relaxation and entertainment under the sounds of Latin and ethnic music, the cozy sunbeds on the beach are a beautiful alternative.

This organized beach is located at a convenient distance from the city center, with clear waters and fine sand, both on land and sea bottom.

Address: Lady's Mile, Limassol
Contact number: 25 321700