Lady's Mile (Aplostra)

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Beach Bars

There is a long story surrounding the name of this particular beach. While it is known to most as Lady’s Mile Beach, its original name is attributed to the many kilometers across which this sandy beach is spread. The name ‘Aplostra’ was once again brought to the forefront by a beachfront venue that helped create a beach with modern amenities.

Featuring fine sand on the coastline as well as the sea bed, the beach of Aplostra is a beautiful destination for refreshing escapes. The titular beach bar has created an elegant, comfortable environment, with the aim of offering food, drink, and recreational services throughout the day. Beyond the simple sun loungers, they also offer double loungers for those who seek even more comfort in the shade, as well as comfortable mattress-sun loungers with their own sunshade, right next to the water.

The venue operates as an all-day restaurant offering select dishes, light snacks, and brunch options, and there is also a bar that remains open until late at night, for visitors who wish to enjoy summer evenings within this special atmosphere.

The beach bar is decorated in a beachy chic style, utilizing woven baskets and wicker light shades, as well as wood elements.

The unique wooden construction that makes up the bar is surrounded by an area with comfortable, wooden seats and sofas, offering options for both relaxation and entertainment with loud music, particularly in the Weekends.