La Boca: A beloved restaurant serving fresh pasta and all kinds of Italian delicacies!

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A restaurant that has, over the past years, become renowned in Limassol for its menu of fresh pasta, has set up a second location which it shares with delicious, sweet creations. The Columbia Group’s most recent restaurant has set up shop next to the Columbia Confectionary, creating a new culinary destination in the city.

Retaining the elements that were beloved by the public, La Boca utilizes its open kitchen to prepare fresh pasta from its workshop, Mediterranean pizzas and salads. The La Boca workshop prepares gluten-free, whole-wheat and organic pasta daily, thus covering a range of preferences, and also gnocchi, tortellini and ravioli.   

In addition to the Italian-inspired menu, the venue also offers Asian cuisine options, as well as juicy burgers. Thus, this modern space, that is family-friendly, successfully combines beloved flavors, that are topped by the delicious creations of the confectionery shop.

Address: 101 Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue
Contact number: 25 278000