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Touring the sea of Limassol with a kayak is one of the most interesting and enchanting experiences one can enjoy. A close contact with nature and a chance to explore unknown shores are just some of the benefits offered by this activity.

Kayaking allows you to easily row out to any coast, whether it’s to enjoy the long stretch of Limassol coastline or to discover fascinating shores outside of the city limits, such as Governor’s Beach, Saint Georgios Alamanou, or the Episkopi Bay.

The waters of the Limassol sea are generally calm, especially during the months of May – October, making this a safe activity for all ages, and accessible to all. The low speed of the kayak minimizes the risk of injury or accidents. Rowers, however, must always wear a life vest and remain in close contact with at least one other rower.

One can supply their own kayak, or rent one from water sports centers. The Sea Kayak Cyprus team also organizes excursions to various coasts around Limassol.

Organised kayak tours:
Sea Kayak Cyprus: 96 585959

Kayak rentals:
Enaerios Water Sports: 99 072014
Park Beach Water Sports: 99 665980
Haris FLYME Water Sports: 99 608390
Andreas Water Sports: 99 415444
Poseidonia Water Sports: 99608245
West Water Sports: 99 662780
Crest Water Sports Centre: 25 635101
MORE Water Sports: 99 810818
Columbia Water Sports (Yiannos & Dia): 99 612262
Xenios Water Sports Pissouri Bay: 99 956913
Chris Water Sports: 99 180931

Kayak lessons:
Limassol Nautical Club: 25 318181
Famagusta Nautical Club: 25 879767
Kyrenia Nautical Club: 25 323275