Kaikanas: A traditional donut, particularly honored in a little Limassol village!

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During the days of the harvest, when the locals of the vineyards ran to help altogether in the harvesting of a vineyard, the owner would always have one particular responsibility: to serve hot, filling and delicious kaikanas.

Kaikanas is the proof that the donut known to all of us, can get even better. It is a special delicacy, made with a mixture of milk, eggs and flour, which is then cooked in hot oil until it turns into a golden bite.

At  Fini fairs you will find the opportunity to try this special dessert.

The culmination of the taste, however, comes with a coating with epsima, giving its distinctive taste and aroma to the dessert. Many people prefer kaikana with icing sugar, but the epsima coating is what really makes the difference.