It looks like a ship's deck, but it is on Limassol's land and it will be filled with people!

It looks like a ship’s deck, inspired by the surroundings and the use it is meant to have, too. Months after the delivery of the new facilities at the Limassol Port, the first floor of the passenger’s hall is meant to host guests both from the port and from the entire city, too.

The modern and impressive building’s design itself intended for the first floor of the shell 4 of the construction to house a restaurant which will open to the public all year round.

On the restaurant's roof top a platform with bar (skybar) has been designed, with uninterrupted panoramic view of the Limassol city, the port and the Mediterranean. This particular area, just as the rest of the areas of the passenger’s hall, are under the administration of DP World, which is going through all the needed procedures to make use of all the areas, which means that, in the time coming, this new, exquisite venue will be available for the people to visit.

Find out more about the brand new passenger’s hall here.