In Limassol, this neighborhood is… pure art!

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Sometimes you don’t need to have the perfect neighbours, as long as you can draw the perfect neighbourhood. The mural at Kitiou Kiprianou street, at the Limassol old town, sure is a proof of that. Just a few steps from Plateia Saripolou, at times when this area did not use to have as much traffic as now, this alley got its own vibrant neighbourhood, thanks to the talent of a creative street artist.

The realistic – and dreamy at the same time – mural, which decorates the parking lot of Livadeia grill house, is simply by itself all you need to relax and travel with your mind to older times. The well-known street artist, Paparazzi, based in Limassol, has in fact decorated many walls in Cyprus and abroad, and the city has the pleasure of enjoying some of his best work, amongst which this very nostalgic image, in natural sizes, which makes you feel that you could be living in it.

The mural was created to accompany those enjoying their Greek souvlaki in Limassol. This resulted to an image that anyone can see, when passing by this spot, and stand to admire the vivid representations of neighbours chatting on their balconies, children playing in the alleys and life being as simple as possible. This idyllic scenery, created by the talented Paparazzi, was meant to accompany the Greek flavors with the beauty of images from the simplicity of people’s everyday lives in a Greek island.

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