Images from holidaymakers' vacations in Platres during the last century!

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Platres was first discovered as a prominent vacation resort towards the end of the 19th century. British colonialist elites recognized the area as having an ideal climate and an abundance of natural beauty, making it a perfect destination for holidaymaking.

The vacation trend established by the British was soon followed by the locals, initially affluent Cypriots and eventually families from the wider local community.  And so, the area north of the village of Platres soon filled up with hotels and elegant cottages that are preserved to this day, making up the unique identity of the village.

Besides the buildings, many memories from that time are preserved in unique photographs that have immortalized friends and families vacationing in some of Platres’ most identifiable locations.

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The holidaymakers in Platres, especailly during the first decades of the 20th century, would choose fashionable clothing, hairdos and cars.

From the mid-20th century onwards, the number of hotels increased significantly in Platres, in order to accommodate all the more visitors who were opting to choose village as their vacation resort.

A man in uniform in front of Caledonia waterfalls, in a photo by Foscolo, around the 1900.

These rare photographs are a testament to the fact that some of the familiar sights of Platres today (such as Psilo Dentro or the Caledonia Waterfalls) were as popular then as they are today.

Photos: Andreas Droushiotis, Limassol Historical Archive, Lemesou Mnimes

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