Hustlers Rock Club: A friendly hangout that's ideal for relaxed strolls through Limassol's oldest alleyway!

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Some places are designed in such a way and with a particular atmosphere that not only makes them an ideal destination for groups of friends, but also an occasion to make new friends. Such a place was created in the oldest alley of the historic center of Limassol, make it a meeting point between the people and the city’s history.  

Hustlers Rock Bar is located on Loutron Street, a narrow alleyway surrounded by the stone-built walls of the ancient neighboring buildings. This hangout is housed in one of the area’s preserved buildings, something which is particularly noticeable in the venue’s interior, which features large archways throughout. In recent years, this friendly bar has become a beloved destination for relaxed evenings with friends, accompanied by beer, pool, and rock music.  

The building’s architecture, the history of the small, narrow street which borders with the Agia Napa church and leads to the Medieval Castle, as well as the welcoming nature of the people running the bar, are just some of the reasons that have made this venue stand out. After all, its location make it a convenient option for a relaxing drink after a day’s errands in the city.

Contact number: 99 286966