High Point: The old kiosk on Anexertasias' Street, has been transformed into a modern café!

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The former kiosk in Grigori Afxentiou Square (Dioikitiriou), after several years of waiting, has finally taken the form of a modern snack café, nesting under the shade of a large tree.

The building, which operated as a kiosk for years, decided to change its use, since the character of the area has also started to change, with Anexartisias Street becoming a busy walk and shopping destination. The High Point, as the café is called, aims to become a stop for refreshing drinks and light meals from early in the morning until midnight.

Thus, this characteristic square is now framed by 2 spaces, Astir cafe and the new snack café, which can accommodate passers-by, employees, students and anyone else who find themselves in the area.