Grand Futur: The futuristic building in the western Limassol that makes an impression!

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Thousands pass by this building every single day, but there are few among them who know what exactly it is. Being one of the most unique buildings constructed in Limassol lately, it has become the base of a company that has been doing business in the city for more than 25 years.

Grand Futur Holdings, an impressive construction and a €30 million investment, was delivered in 2013, changing the image of one of the most busy streets of the city, Miltonos Street. The building hosts the offices of Intership Navigation Company Ltd, with its facilities spreading in 5.500 square meters, while there is also an underground parking area, almost just as large.

Its futuristic design resembles to an abstract image of a sailing ship. At the same time, using glass surfaces, both in the interior and the exterior, the building benefits the most of the natural sunlight, while the optical communication is enhanced between all floors creating a live and more pleasant environment for both the staff and the visitors. The simplistic elegance of the building is emphasized through the use of modern construction materials, as well as wood elements.

The building, with its unique views to the Limassol port and sea, was shortlisted for the IA & E Office Award 2015.

The building was designed by Miltos Papadopoulos architects firm in Limassol.