23 beautiful courtyards for delightful moments in the Limassol city!

* NOTE: All the tributes of All About Limassol (as the Official Guide of Limassol) aim to ONLY highlight the special aspects of this wonderful city, so that everyone can be aware of the exceptional options they offer. Under no circumstances do they have any promotional or nominal value, and they do not serve the interests of Companies, Municipalities, Organizations or Individuals.

Back in the day, gardens and backyards offered a cool respite from the heat to residents, with trees providing much-needed shade while the scent of flowers created a pleasant atmosphere for hanging out with friends and a chance to talk, laugh and relax.

Today, these backyards and gardens of homes in Limassol are few and far between, as the city and the needs of its residents have changed. Many of them, however, have taken on a new life. Homes have been replaced by bars and restaurants, with gardens that offer the ultimate summer refuge, serving up ice-cold drinks and culinary delights as an antidote to the heat.

An idyllic environment, relaxing vibes, music, entertainment, all make for good reasons to enjoy one such garden in the city.

1. Living Room

A cook shop for all hours of the day with a large, welcoming interior courtyard. The Living Room is an option when seeking out a home cooked meal or a glass of wine, ouzo or ‘tsipouro’ alongside meze dishes.   

Address: 39-41 Kitou Kyprianou Street
Contact number: 25 103400

2. The Green Berry

A unique hangout in Heroes' Square, with healthy and delicious flavors within the relaxed ambiance of a lush garden. Green Berry is an extension of the coffee shop ‘O Tembelis,’ and borrows from the welcoming environment of its space.

Address: 23, Andrea Droussioti
Contact number: 99 062866

3. Mesaoria Rotisserie

A popular option for actual, home-cooked meals and a beautiful garden in the back of the restaurant.  The menu includes 35 – 40 different dishes daily, both local cuisine and international dishes.

Address: 50 Vasileos Konstantinou
Contact number: 25 331458

4. Lab Restaurant + Bar

With an inner courtyard that is sure to transport you to a whole other era, Lab Restaurant + Bar strikes the right balance between traditional architecture of this classic building and industrial décor. It offers drinks and light meals from the afternoon until late at night. 

Address: Anexartisias
Contact number: 25 738882.

5. To Hani

The roomy, paved courtyard in the middle of the stone-built building is available for meals and drinks, accompanied by the sounds of jazz adaptations of popular Russian, Greek and English hits. The clear roof atop allows full view of the sky above.

Address: 4, Vasilissis Street, Medieval Castle Square
Contact number: 25 762 761

6. Dionysus Mansion

Dionysus Mansion is a venue beloved for its creative Greek and Cypriot cuisine. It also boasts one of the most beautiful gardens, featuring lots of greenery, a fountain, and specially configured areas for romantic evenings.

Address: 5, 16th June Street 1943
Contact number: 25 222210

7. Library (Gin Garden)

The garden of one of the most impressive stately manors of the city center is lit up with twinkling lights in the summer to welcome everyone for wonderful cocktails and delicious snacks.

Address: Ifigeneias (opposite the CUT library)
Contact number: 25 361362, 99 412244

8. Mason Bar

A fresh, young concept found its home in an old building with an inner courtyard, offering a cool alternative for summer nights. Aside from the music options – featuring everything from house to rock and Latin music – it’s also known for its cocktails.

Address: Zig Zag Street
Contact number: 99 878920

9. Boho Resto Bar

In the garden of a former hotel, along a beautiful city side street, this space is available for coffee and dinner, as well as drinks late into the night. Brunch is also served on the weekends.

Address: 3 Zik Zak Street
Contact number: 25 101050

10. Livadia Souvlaki

A hangout for delicious, Greek souvlaki in the historical center of Limassol, with a beautiful courtyard for those who wish to make a stop, from noon until the early morning hours.

Address: 7, Kanari Street
Contact number: 25 341154

11. Salut Bar & Grill

Aromatic coffee, delicious cocktails, ice-cold beers and a rich menu for all hours are on offer in this interior courtyard in Saripolou Square. Soul, jazz, and house melodies accompany the evenings. 

Address: Saripolou Square, 71 – 73
Contact number:  97 692091

12. Oshi

Oshi Asian Interactive, a modern restaurant inspired by Asian cuisine, has created a wonderful space in Limassol’s historical center for summer evenings in the inner garden of the preserved building.

Address: 52 Eleftherias Street
Contact number: 25 377770 

13. Aliada

Its name is reminiscent of unique culinary experiences, which one can sample from its tantalizing 5 course menu (from appetizers to dessert) in the idyllic atmosphere of the inner courtyard. 

Address: 117 Irinis street
Contact number: 25 340758 

14. Pi Café

A beloved destination for relaxed meetings with friends for a coffee or for delicious snacks and light dishes, perfectly accompanied by wine. Its internal courtyard, with plenty of greenery, creates the feeling of a quiet, welcoming home terrace. 

Address: Kitiou Kyprianou
Contact number: 25 341944

15. La Boca

The beautiful main courtyard of Columbia Plaza welcomes all who wish to enjoy fresh pasta, pizzas and salads as well as burgers or sushi from the menu of La Boca.

Address: 223, Agiou Andreou Street
Contact number: 25 278000 

16. Cicchetteria Italiana

Named after the Venetian tradition of a ‘cicchetteria’ (a little restaurant-bar serving appetizers, accompanied with wine) this space is housed in a preserved, stone-built residence, featuring a hidden garden behind the greenery.

Address: 292, Agiou Andreou Street
Contact number: 25 100500

17. Zester

Featuring vintage décor and a welcoming bar with tasty cocktails, interesting music selections and a courtyard with plants and light strings consist what Zester has to offer in the historical city center.

Address: 108 Eleftherias Street
Contact number: 99 895833

18. Saffron

In a restored, stone-built house in Limassol's historical city center, featuring a garden in the back, this restaurant offers authentic selections of India’s culinary tradition. 

Address: 50, Eleftherias Street
Contact number: 96 293 737

19. Bistrot 55 - Summer Edition

Bistrot 55 presents its summer version under the coolness of eucalyptus trees, near the sea, with delightful tastes on the grill, fresh seafood and contemporary desserts.

Address: 12, Vasileos Georgiou I
Contact number: 25 212100

20. Syrian

A restaurant boasting authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, which also features a beautiful courtyard, surrounded by trees, where guests can enjoy delicious dishes and aromatic shisha.

Address: 3, Iliados Street, Yermasoyia
Contact number: 25 328838

21. Scandinavian Gardens

The restaurant that has been operating for 3 decades in Limassol, features a spacious courtyard where guests may enjoy dishes of international cuisine, Scandinavian appetizers and refreshing drinks.

Address: 7, Voltaire Street, Yermasoyia
Contact number: 25 316511

22. Benzai

An Asian restaurant in Yermasoyia, Benzai is an interesting option for dinner with creative dishes, in a spacious yard with idyllic atmosphere.

Address: 9, Patmou street (κclose to Yermasoyia Roundabout)
Contact number: 25 588282

23. Tokio

With its unique décor and open courtyard for the summer months, this restaurant is available for eclectic Asian cuisine and delicious cocktails. 

Address: 80, Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 25 321313