Gerokaminia View Point

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Gerokaminia view point is located at Troodos National Forest Park, on the 6th kilometer of Platres  – Troodos road, at 1470 above sea level. Located at the western slopes of Olympus, the highest peak of Troodos mountains, it overlooks the valley of Kryos Potamos banks, spreading right in front of it. It is a river that crosses through Platres, creating the well-known waterfalls of Caledonia and Millomeris.

This point is special for allowing a view all the way down to the Limassol sea, at the area of Akrotiri peninsula. The eye begins at the evergreen valley and the surrounding slopes, with the local black pine trees, the plane trees and the bushes. Going south, the view reaches to the ultimate blues of Akrotiri gulf, the salt lake, the Limassol harbor, as well as Jourris river dam, the largest one in Cyprus, since all of these locations are all visible from up there.

This view point is one of the most beautiful stops one can enjoy, on the way from and towards Troodos. Around the middle of the distance between Platres  – Troodos, Gerokaminia view point is an ideal location for one to capture the glory of Limassol, since the blue of its sea and the greens of its mountains are connected in a straight line. The cozy benches and kiosks, as well as the space for cars to park, are another motivation for one to visit.

In the winter, there are many times when Kryos Potamos valley is covered with fog. Even if these conditions do not allow anyone to see even the trees of the valley, more so the sea, the mystique of the image is just as impressive as a site.