George's Houses (Pentakomo)

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George’s Houses is a complex of stone-built guest houses, situated around a private courtyard with a pool, just a few minutes away from Limassol. It is located on the westernmost end of the Petakomo village, and enjoys unique natural beauty while at the same time is only 5km from the sandy Governor's Beach, and just 15 minutes from the city. 

The proximity to the city, as well as the village surroundings, allow guests to enjoy the best of two different worlds. The comfortable space, sun-drenched verandas and relaxing lounge chairs are perfect for moments of relaxation. Each house has its own seating area with a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi access, and air conditioning.

All houses are fully furnished, with adequately equipped kitchens, thus providing the amenities needed for an easy and relaxing stay.

For those who wish to combine their stay with interesting culinary experiences, both the nearby Governor’s Beach coast and the village side streets offer plenty of dining options. 

Address: 13, Panayias Neroforousas, Pentakomo
Contact number: 99 822662
Website: George’s Houses