After 700 km of upright paddling…

The Center for Preventive Pediatrics
The Center for Preventive Pediatrics is a non-profit organization, situated in the city of Limassol. It has been a pioneer in the implementation of universal prenatal and neonatal screening programs.

The Neonatal Screening Program that has been offered by the Center since its establishment, aims at the early detection of metabolic diseases. Blood samples are collected from the neonates by all pediatricians in Cyprus and are forwarded to the Center’s biochemical laboratory, in Limassol, for the appropriate analyses. 

The Prenatal Screening Program has also been offered to all pregnant women. A biochemical examination provides the necessary information in calculating a risk for Trisomy 21 and other chromosomal defects that may have afflicted the fetus. The Neonatal Hearing Screening Program aims at the early detection and diagnosis of neonatal hearing impairment. 

All these screening programs are offered free of charge to the entire populations of Cyprus: neonates and pregnant women.The Center’s yearly budget is partly funded by a governmental grant and mainly covered by donations offered by private companies, organizations and the public and by funds raised through activities coordinated by the Association of Friends of the Center for Preventive Pediatrics.

A great athlete and a great man

After 700 km of upright paddling from Crete to Cyprus, Costas Symeonides managed to give a cheque of 33 thousand euro to The Center for Preventive Pediatrics, an amount raised by sponsors of this great athlete’s daring project. Sports can create great personalities and Costas Symeonides is the living proof of it.

Limassol city and Cyprus owes a big WELL DONE and a huge THANK YOU.

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