Fries With Benefits

56 Nikolaou Saripolou (Square)

Fries With Benefits

56 Nikolaou Saripolou (Square)

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Fries with Benefits in the heart of the Limassol old town, at Saripolou Square, has become known for its fast, but fresh and real street food it makes. Its homemade burgers in fresh brioche buns and pita bread especially made for burgers stand out in the menu. Either you are a 100% beef-burger lover, or you would better go for the veggie burger version or even the amazing quinoa burger, or the chicken gourmet burger you will enjoy a homemade meal, both fresh and fulfilling. The burgers are perfectly accompanied by homemade French fries, with unusual sauce dips, which can be a delicious meal on their own, too. Thus, if you are strolling around the Limassol city center, this shop is what you should look for if you need a fulfilling meal with a homemade touch, in a convenient price.
For orders, there is an online service and a delivery service.
The shop is open daily 11:00 am – 11:45 00 and on Sundays 6 pm – 11:00 pm.

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For all the friends who asked for a pork option on our menu, here is our scrumptious pork Schnitzel.

Freshly prepared every day and served in a brioche bun with cheddar cheese and coleslaw salad. Accompanied with to-die-for fries!!
Brunch Fries with Benefits at Saripolou square is the ideal place for your Brunch! Every Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 until 15.00!

You can choose between

· Our delicious Cyprus breakfast

· Sweet or Savory Pancakes

· Omelette

· Poached eggs-on-toast

We would like to Thank each and every one of you who participated in our competition and helped to make our competition a success!

The LUCKY winner is:

Christina Konstantinos Konstantinou

Keep an eye on our page for any future ...
Photos from Fries With Benefits - Burger Bistro's post Our fresh salads are the number 1 go-to option for anyone who wants to enjoy a light lunch or dinner!

Prepared with baby salad leaves and a variety of seasonal vegetables, tasty avocado and/or freshly cooked chicken fillet!
Fries with Benefits is the ideal spot for your business meetings!

No more boring business appointments! If you are working near the centre of the old town, you can arrange to meet at Fries with Benefits, in Saripolou square.

With ...
Introducing Gourmet Burger Culture!

The Beef Burger!
Offering you a unique experience with #handcrafted burgers, prepared with quality ingredients and a variety of fresh toppings, accompanied with the best quality of fresh local fries and topped with hand prepared sauces ...

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• 56 Nikolaou Saripolou (Square)

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