Fries with Benefits: A homemade burger spot in the center of Limassol has grown and offers new surprises!

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 A large, bright space with elegant, wooden tables and view of one of Limassol's most frequented squares has recently become the new home of a restaurant offering delicious flavors, beloved by all locals.

Fries with Benefits, which features a fast-food inspired menu that is made with homemade care and fresh ingredients, made its debut 2 years ago, and has stood out for its offering of tasty food to all who frequent the historical city center. The homemade burgers, crispy fries with imaginative dipping sauces, hot dogs, juicy chicken and the many vegetarian options of the menu have already garnered loyal fans, who will now be able to enjoy their meal in the comfortable environment of the new space, at the entrance of Saripolou Square. 

With tables set up in the interior of the restored, stone-built building as well as in the passage of the Square, Fries with Benefits has grown to become even more tempting and welcoming. At the same time, it is preparing even more tasty surprises, as the new space has inspired a menu refresh, which has expanded to include snacks and drinks, as well as breakfast options.