Friendsland (Louvaras)

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A group of 3 Limassolians from the village of Louvaras decided to create a space among the slopes of this semi-mountainous village where one can find precious serenity within nature, and discover the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Friendsland was named after the group of friends who created it, ensuring that, as its name suggests, it is the ideal destination for groups of friends.  

In this space, among the trees and bushes of the local flora, a host of facilities have been set up, which allow visitors to remain in direct contact with the natural environment, without sacrificing daily comforts. A total of 6 tents have been set up for guest accommodation, and these have been fully outfitted as regular bedrooms within. They can accommodate a total of 12 people.

Attractive corners for relaxation and play have been set up within the space. Comfortable loungers are just the thing for relaxation among nature, as well as to enjoy the fire that is a perfect companion at night. Barbecues, tables and chairs, umbrellas, and a refrigerator and other kitchen equipment are also available to guests.

The space is available for events, as it also features an audio system for music.

Contact number: 99 804057