Friendsland (Louvaras)

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Against a beautiful backdrop, near the village of Louvaras in Limassol, a unique space was created with the aim of allowing friends and families to take advantage of the serenity and beauty of nature. Friendsland is a special project that functions as an alternative accommodation, welcoming visitors with luxury tents. 

A total of 6 spacious tents have been set up with double beds, as well as a family tent, altogether accommodating up to 16 people in a relaxing environment with all modern comforts. A bar with a variety of (non-alcoholic) beverages and a fully equipped kitchen and barbecue area are available for food preparations, while a sound system and floodlights cover all entertainment needs.

The green garden offers shady corners, comfortable loungers, space for lighting a fire, as well as a large pool. 

Contact number: 99 804057