Footpaths in Old Platres

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Long before Platres became a mountain resort, popular with elite local and international holidaymakers, the village was made up of a small settlement, just a few meters from its center, which is still popular to this day. A walk through this old settlement reveals a side of Platres that is unknown to many.

This area is home to stone-built houses, some that are one-story and feature large courtyards, and others that are two-story and have beautiful balconies and wooden shutters, all of which are framed by lush green foliage from the surrounding poplar, oak and plane trees. The church of Panagia Faneromeni plays a central role in this area, and can be reached via one of the many paved footpaths that allow you to tour the village. Indeed, this footpath is well-lit, making it accessible in the dark as well.

A few meters further down, one will find one of the oldest homes in Platres, the only one of that era that survives to this day. From that spot, there is another trail which leads to the forest, inclining towards the newer neighborhoods of Platres. These paths were the main means of transport for residents and visitors of Platres, and by following them, you will be walking in the footsteps of all the people who once crossed there.

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The oldest house in Platres.

Besides offering a glimpse into the other side of Platres, a walk along these paths also offers a unique opportunity for one to enjoy the marks of all the seasons on the settlement, from the bright greens of spring, the aromas of the summer herbs, the colors of autumn, and scent of damp earth in the winter.

*Platres is part of the Mobilitas European Network, encouraging alternative transportation via trails, bicycle routes and public transportation.