Feedos: The canteen in Limassol, exhilarating with its gigantic smashed burgers!

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Canteens have always been a convenient fast food solution, especially during the years of the pandemic, they have become a trend. However, when they provide a menu that competes with the one of a restaurant, they stop being a choice made out of necessity. This is what happened with Feedos.

"Encamping" near the church of Agios Georgios Havouzas for a few months now, this canteen has made the people of the city (but not only) talk about well-cooked and oversized burgers, delicious sauces, potatoes that are "drowned" in melted cheese, but also the crunchy chicken or duck bites.

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At the top of the menu, burgers are offered with many delicious combinations. Their signature burger has 250 gr of beef, for the very hungry, while the smashed burgers are their ultimate specialty.

Address: Agios Georgios Havouzas
Contact Number: 99 125858