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Eucalyptus park - Potamos Yermasoyias

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In the heart of Limassol’s urban scenery, you may find green lungs, like this small, but valuable eucalyptus park. With tall eucalyptus trees all around the banks of Amathos river, this green corner in the city is a place, which many people choose to exercise and relax.

Amathos river, sharing the same name as the ancient, glorious kingdom of Amathounta (Limassol’s ancestor), is now known as Yermasoyia River (Potamos Yermasoyias), since its course crosses through this municipality. Thus, the residents of this area (and many others, too) found in this evergreen bank a daily way out for walking or running, or even playing tennis, since there is a playground for that purpose there.

Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree, which means that this is a year-long sight for people passing by or living there, while the shadow of the trees is available at any season. Apart from that, though, the healing and beneficial properties of the essential oil of the tree, found on its leaves, are quite popular, since it has been used for centuries, to heal wounds, as a relief from cold, to fight dental decay, to strengthen concentration and fight sleepiness or more.

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