Eucalyptus park - Potamos Yermasoyias

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In the heart of Limassol’s urban landscape, one may find green lungs, like this small, but precious eucalyptus park. With tall eucalyptus trees flanking the banks of the Amathos river, this green oasis in the city is a refuge for many people to exercise and relax.

The Amathos river, which shares a name with the ancient, glorious kingdom of Amathounta (the predecessor of modern day Limassol), is now known as the Yermasoyia River (Potamos Yermasoyias), as its course crosses through this municipality. And so, the residents of this area (and beyond) use this this evergreen bank as a place for daily walks or runs, or even to play tennis, as the site also offers such fenced facilities on its premises.

For decades now, the Yermasoyia dam has retained the water that would normally flow through this passage, and the sight of the river is a rare one. However, the heavy winter rains have brought back the the image of the area as it once was, with the water flowing once more through the eucalyptus trees, nourishing and rejuvenating them as it always has.

The eucalyptus is an evergreen tree, which means that this area is green year-round, and they offer shade during every season. Beyond this, however, the eucalyptus is also known for its beneficial and healing properties. For centuries, the essential oil from the tree, derived from its leaves, has been used to heal wounds, provide relief from colds, fight dental decay and drowsiness, increase alertness, and much more.