Enaerios Limassol

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The Enaerios area of Limassol is one of great historical importance, with its emblematic wooden pier a point of reference for the city for many years now. Constructed at the start of the 20th century, the pier and surrounding area was once used exclusively by the asbestos mine of Troodos.

The story of Enaerios dates back to the early 1900s, when Cyprus was rich with asbestos that was, at the time, commercially extracted from the village mine of Amiantos in Troodos. In order for the asbestos to be transported through the countryside, an aerial railroad was built which would transfer the asbestos to the warehouses in what is today called the Enaerios area. From there, the asbestos was loaded onto ships and barges from the wooden pier.

Today, only two things remain that are reminiscent of the area’s past: its name, Enaerios, which means ‘aerial’ in Greek, and the pier itself, which was restored in 1995 and forms a beautiful walkway today upon which visitors can take a stroll and enjoy the endless views of the Mediterranean Sea beyond. The pier also attracts swimmers and divers, as well as fishermen who gather early in the morning and dot the entire length of the pier, leaning their fishing rods against the railings.

The rest of the Enaerios area is also buzzing with activity, as it is home to a number of cafés and dining areas, including some that are located right above the water. The many options available make the area a popular space for those seeking a relaxing walk complemented by a refreshing coffee or ice cream overlooking the deep blue sea. 

The Enaerios Municipal Parking Lot, one of the largest in the area, is frequently used to host outdoor events such as concerts or the annual Limassol Christmas Land.

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