Draught Microbrewery: The restaurant in the heart of Limassol that even makes its own beer!

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A space with pub vibes, a thoughtful menu, and an interesting selection of beers and drinks has been a beloved destination in the city for years. Draught Bar & Grill has debuted a new look in February 2020, while still carrying on the traditions that garnered it a loyal following.

The warm wood of the decor is a dominant element, creating cozy corners for guests to enjoy their food and drinks from noon to night. The variety of local and imported beers perfectly accompany each of the menu dishes, some of which use beer as an ingredient. 

Though beer plays a leading role in the menu of Draught, whiskey is equally important, with many well-known labels in the restaurant cava. Following the same approach of combining the flavors and aromas of food and drink, some dishes use whiskey as a way to highlight the taste of the meat. 

The outdoor area, with a view of the Medieval Castle, is an ideal option for warm, sunny days.

Contact number: 25 820470