Draught Microbrewery: The restaurant that can even make beer, in the heart of Limassol!

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A venue that was once designed to satisfy the tastes of beer and whisky lovers, is now a favorite option for a chilled out drink or a meal in the Castle Square. For more than 15 years, Draught Bar & Grill has been offering tasty dishes and ice cold beers to frequent visitors, from noon until late into the night.

The feast of familiar and beloved flavors within a warm and spacious dining area, adorned in wood elements, is one of the main reasons people keep coming back for both food and drinks. The large variety of local and imported beers, as well as the venue’s own homemade draught lager, which can potentially be brewed in its own barrels, is the restaurant’s greatest advantage, especially among beer drinkers. At the same time, beer is also an important ingredient in some dishes that are perfectly complemented by a pint, such as the chicken fillet marinated in pale ale.

Though beer plays a major role on the menu of Draught, whiskey is also a strong player, with many well-known labels listed on the menu. Following the same approach of complementing the certain dishes with specific drinks, some of the menu’s most popular dishes are inspired by whiskey, which is used to highlight the flavour of the meat. The 500gram steak, for instance, is marinated in whiskey, as are the baby back ribs.
As an alternative to the spacious indoor area, with its warm colorings, the outdoor area, with a view of the Limassol Medieval Castle, is also a great option during the warm, sunny days of the year.

Apart from the spacious indoors area, with its warm colors, the outdoors area, with a view to Limassol’s Medieval Castle is also a tempting option, especially for the warmer and sunny days of the year.

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