Scuba diving in the Limassol Marine Park

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At a distance of approximately 1km from the coastline, in the area between the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Dasoudi beach, lies the Limassol marine park, where 2 vessels have been cast, making it a popular diving destination since 2014.

These 2 artificial reefs were formed with the aim of being accessible to divers, with openings for light to shine through. Boats take divers to each of the 2 spots, which have a distance of 300-400 meters between them, and every dive can last up to 30-35 minutes, with a short break between the 2 points.

The Lady Thetis reef is located at a depth of 12-20 meters and is 22 meters long, while the Constantis fishing boat is 25 meters deep, and has a length of 27 meters. The 2 cast vessels have created 2 specific areas of aquatic life, which are home to a number of protected species, as fishing of any kind is prohibited throughout the Marine Park. Among the species found there are groupers, small amberjacks, seabream, rudd fish, perch, turtles, and more.

The artificial reefs are the ideal place for beginner divers to train, but they are also interesting to more experienced divers.

Diving centers in Limassol:
Aloha Divers: 25 313208
TDI Diving: 97 807523
Free2Dive: 99 447723
Blue Thunder Diving: 25 587277
Dive-in Limassol: 25 311923
Crest Dive: 99 346633
Pissouri Bay Divers: 96 530761
Cyprus Diving Adventures: 97 661046