Comfy: A new hangout for relaxing outings, in the most emblematic part of Limassol!

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On the west side of Castle Square in Limassol, a new hangout has just appeared, aiming to become the ultimate relaxing destination in the city.

In a square that has been known for beautiful moments provided for every season of the year for decades now, Comfy adds a fresh choice to feel comfortable and relax with coffee or a drink. The new generation took over the space previously known as Maritsa's place, to present a brand new concept.

In its menu, one can find wonderful cocktails, with creative names and delicious flavour combinations, from the spicy pepper drops, to the airy pillow fights. Lemonade and Mandarinada (fresh tangerine drink) as well as aromatic coffees complement the non-alcoholic options. Platters with delicious bites are also available.

A weekend brunch menu is in the immidiate plans, too.

Contact number: 25 345607