Colors Cafe: Coffee with a 5-star view, at a popular spot in Limassol!

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This place can be considered a true experience for anyone staying in Limassol or visiting the city. The combination of true elegance and the familiar feeling of being so close to the sea, made it a favorite spot since the very first moment. The anticipation of its return, after a long-term renovation, underlined its popularity.

Colors Café is one of the most unique places for coffee, dining and drinks in Limassol, which has been favorited both for its impressive and sophisticated looks, as well as for the amazing views one can enjoy from its south terrace. The Four Seasons hotel pool, in perfect geometry with its surroundings, reflects the figures of the palm trees, creating a most spectacular setting. With the sea spreading right in front of it, the blue line becomes a reason for gazing for hours.

At the same time, the modern interior design with attention to detail, with glass surfaces all around is cozy lounge, allowing a view outside, is just as tempting. The all-fresh desserts and the homemade ice cream in 19 different flavors, a perfect company for coffee, are an additional advantage. Still, if you are up for drinks, an interesting collection of cocktails will definitely cover any taste.

The famous croissants by the Spanish chef Oriol Balaguer, twice awarded as the best in the world, are a few of what stands out.

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