Chapel of Agios Georgios (Akrotiri)

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At a distance of approximately 1 km. around the southwest of Akrotiri village, very close to the "Achaios" shipwreck, there is a small historic chapel dedicated to Agios Georgios.

It is an arched single-aisled, stone-built basilica of the 16th century, built between the 1500s-1570s, with Limassol stone. The superstructure is a pointed stone-arch. The flooring inside the church is made of Cypriot stucco material.

It bears a few murals, the remains of which depict St. George. In the southeast corner of the Chapel there is a small bell tower.

In 1995 the church was restored by the Department of Antiquities. Nor the original flooring nor the temple of the church were saved.

In the courtyard there are benches from where guests can enjoy the beautiful landscape.

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